Accounting and book keeping

Aedium Agency Ltd offers to its clients the services of accounting and book keeping

Services we offer:

  • goods accounting.
  • material accounting (according to planned and purchasing prices).
  • buyers and supplier balance account (abstracts of opened transactions – monthly or by need).
  • analysis of principal assets and calculation of depreciation.
  • business transactions (foreign exchange and local denomination).
  • workers check in and check out.
  • calculation of salaries and all other forms.
  • construction of M-4 form.
  • registration of workers.
  • VAT calculation (book keeping UR and IR, monthly form abstracts with virman payment or tax return).
  • foreign denomination book keeping.
  • financial accounting (main book, gross balance, book keeping diary).
  • compiling of annual audits with financial reports for advisory board and trade court.
  • financial and tax advice.
  • financijski, porezni savjeti
  • all other necessary business for clients.

Artisans and free trades:
  • book keeping according to the law of artisans and free trades.
  • book of receipts and expenses.
  • the book of UR and IR (VAT).
  • material business.
  • calculation of manufacture.
  • calculation of salaries.
  • tax return calculation.
  • annual tax return (DOH).


Financial Advising

Through financial advising we offer our business partners advice and services which help with all their financial demands and needs.
New project investments are directly connected to the region where the projects will be situated. Since every region has unique features, it is very important to adapt new businesses to those features. Our experienced financial advisors are well informed about local problems and can help adjust your business to ensure its development. The main values that we promote in our business are objectivity, independence, individuality, and loyalty to our clients.

To legal entities, we offer analysis of existing development and different options for tax refunds for employees and entire companies. Through this, we aim to create a policy of cost management which will have a direct influence on the reduction of basis of tax assessment and income tax. To private citizens, we offer advising services in the area of reduction of payment of income taxes, and take into diverting those programs which will bring them interest and income.